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Propagation Station Mid-Century

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Propagation Station Mid-Century

Handmade propagation station Mid-Century style, to make your plant cutting grow roots. Made of Iroko and Fir solid wood.

- approx. dimensions 12 x 34 x 16 cm;
- coated with waterbased varnish;
- 4 little glasses Ø 3,5 cm included;
- 4 plant cuttings are a gift from hōkō!
- handmade in Greece.

* The plant cuttings are a gift from hōkō, we send it hoping you will receive it alive, we don't consider ourselves responsible and we would not replace them in case of damage.

Χειροποίητος σταθμός πολλαπλασιασμού Mid-Century στυλ για να ριζώσει το μοσχεύμα του φυτού σας. Από ξύλο Ιρόκο και Ελάτης με 4 γυάλινους σωλήνες