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About us...

Hōkō combines design and craftsmanship, a quest for the synthesis of simplicity, aesthetics and functionality. We work to offer a sustainable alternative in the home decore market.
Hōkō is a design project focused on woodworking and indoor plants, constantly spacing in learning old techniques and new technologies. Our core business  is propagation stations, simple objects that became one of the latest trends in home decor, recovering and transmitting the ancient knowledge of plant multiplication by cuttings.
Hōkō embraces a minimal aesthetic, draws on Japanese and Scandinavian interior design, with an underlying mid-century taste.
Just as important as the aesthetics, is our ethics: an ecologic consciousness that leads us to prefer wood amongst other possibilities and to perform personally all the phases of the production, from the design to the packaging.
Sideways we develop punctual customized projects, we especially like collaborating with businesses and artists to help their inspiration turn into a solid wooden reality.

We recently opened our store:
Dimotiki Agora Kypselis 
Fokionos Negri 42, Kypseli
Athens 11361
Monday-Friday 17:00 -21:00
Saturday 12:00-20:00